Meta Materials Inc. (META®) is a developer of high-performance functional materials and intelligent surfaces that are scalable, sustainable, and efficient. Through applied physics and advanced design, we are pioneering a new class of multi-functional material —called metamaterials— which have engineered properties that Go Beyond what is found in nature.

Our extensive technology platform encompasses three core capabilities, holograph, lithography, and wireless sensing, and is software and AI-design driven. This allows us to develop a library of solutions and functional prototypes much faster and at lower cost than traditional chemical synthesis.

At META we make surfaces smarter, more sustainable and we do more with less. Together with our partners, we go beyond what’s possible today by creating intelligent surfaces that protect, detect and connect.


NANOWEB® is a transparent conductive film made of an invisible metal mesh that can be fabricated onto any glass or plastic surface. It offers a superior alternative to Indium Tin Oxide (ITO), Silver Nanowire (AgNW), graphene and carbon nanotube among other ITO-alternative technologies.

NANOWEB® is the world’s highest-performing Indium-free transparent metal-mesh.

The Benefits: Transparency, Flexible and Durable, Low Cost, High Conductivity, Large Surface Coverage Area, Low Voltage.