holoOPTIX® SLANT Notch Filter, 457nm, 45deg

holoOPTIX® SLANT Notch Filter, 457nm, 45deg

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holoOPTIX® SLANT is a range of holographic notch filters that offer unique diffraction characteristics in an industry standard 1” diameter form factor. These filters offer narrow, high optical density stop band like conventional notch filters, but instead of reflecting the incoming light specularly (angle of incidence equals angle of reflection) the diffracted portion of the beam is anomalously reflected into an angle that is different than the angle of incidence.

The META Shop is offering this holoOPTIX® SLANT Notch Filter at 457nm light incoming at normal into an anomalous reflection angle of 45°. The volume holographic grating is protected within a glass sandwich structure. All air interfaces have a broad band antireflective coating to maximize the out of band transmission. The wavefront distortion is less than 1λ at 633nm for the transmitted beam, and less than 4λ for the anomalously reflected beam.

The filter is housed within an aluminum black anodized mounting ring. The ring is marked with the direction of the incoming beam, and the azimuth of the anomalous reflection.

By eliminating the need to tilt the filter in the optical path, this range of filters gives optical engineers new options to compact and miniaturize their designs.

holoOPTIX® is ready for customization, please click here to contact us on how we can tailor holoOPTIX® to meet your requirements.

Are you already using holoOPTIX® filters and would like to discuss usability and future development? We’d love to hear from you! Contact marketing@metamaterial.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible for a discussion.

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Description  1” Mounted Slant Notch Filter, 457nm 
Model  1000170 
Diameter (mm) +/- 0.1 25.3
Clear aperture (mm) Ø20 
Mounted ring thickness (mm) +/- 0.1 4.5
Notch Center (nm), typ 457
Spectral bandwidth @ OD1 (nm), typ  7
Notch OD  >OD2.5
Anomalous reflection angle (normal incidence) 45° 
Total DE (notch center, normal incidence), typ. >95%
Substrate  N-BK7



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