metaAIR® AVIATION Laser Glare Protection Eyewear

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$999.00 USD


Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 3.25 × 2.75 in
532nm Laser Glare Protection


Peak Optical Density

OD 5

Anti-reflective Coating (ARC)


EN166 and Z87+ Certified


Optical Material

Polycarbonate (PC)

Backside Lens Coating

AR M-Clean™ Oleophobic anti-smudge

Frame Material

M-Tec™ Proprietary Blended TR90LS-7 Premium Nylon with Matte Black Anti-reflective Frame Texturizing

ANSI Z87.1 Impact Resistance

Yes, using attenuated enhanced cylindrical lens groove retention geometry

50 Percentile Alderson Headform Fit Compliance

Yes, using Full-Flex™ ultimate global head comfort and headphone compatibility

metaAIR® is safety eyewear designed as a defensive tool against potentially dangerous laser glare strikes.

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metaAIR® AVIATION is aviation safety eyewear designed as a defensive tool against potentially dangerous laser glare strikes. This new eyewear has been engineered and tested by the top industry laboratories and optical experts.  Airbus test pilots collaborated on key frame and lens design features.  After six years of research and development, META is working in partnership with SATAIR to deliver the ultimate multi-layer holographic laser glare protection lenses.  These lenses are mounted in a bold black frame custom fit for audio headsets and offer wide angle protection against laser strikes.  This new eyewear offers professional pilots the world’s best combination of transparency, laser glare protection and color balance.

Most current products on the market are dye based eyewear that absorb light. Such dyes absorb a large part of the visible light spectrum which can result in the blocking of unintentional colors making their product unsafe to fly with. metaAIR® does not absorb light and offers critical instrument and landing light colors to be read as usual. This optical performance is the result of tuned nanostructures, allowing the lens to control how light is deflected and blocked, while having the world’s best transparency for safe night flights and landings.

META’s premium holographic optical filter has been scientifically engineered with multiple layers to provide laser glare protection from flash blindness. This laser safety filter system has been created using nano-pattern layers we call MX3™.  An additional layer, MXColor™, is nano-patterned to provide critical color balance specifically for cockpit instruments, HUDs, and runway lights. The MX3™ multi-layer consists of holographic laser recorded nanostructures which protect against 532nm laser strikes by reflecting only the laser light wavelength away from the pilot’s eyes.  This allows more of the good light, with the correct colors, into the eye for safer night landings.

META has developed a strong, light weight frame that has been custom engineered to block light from the sides.  The frame features FullFlex™, engineered ear stems with a comfortable fit centered on the European standard head form.  The hinges are built with premium 420 stainless steel tri-lobular screws that will last a lifetime and never back out.  An integrated neck leash system is available for ready use on approach into hot laser strike landing zones. An adjustable cheek guard kit has been designed for custom facial fit blocking all laser light entrance areas.

Protect your passengers, your asset and your reputation.  Fly with metaAIR®.

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