metaAIR® LAW ENFORCEMENT Laser Glare Protection Film



metaAIR® LAW ENFORCEMENT is a flexible holographic optical filter that is scientifically engineered to provide laser glare protection from laser strikes. It has been created from photo-sensitive polymer materials using nano-patterned designs that block and deflect selected colors or wavelengths. metaAIR® LAW ENFORCEMENT offers best-in-class transparency and filtering strength combination performance. metaAIR® LAW ENFORCEMENT comes in the form of flexible film sheets, pre-cut to a desired shape and size and include a self-adhesive application for flat and single-curved (cylindrical) surfaces.

metaAIR® LAW ENFORCEMENT can be customized to your unique needs, including multiple wavelength glare protection, color balancing, custom installation options and flat or cylindrically curved surfaces (helmet visors, shields, eyewear, etc).

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