holoOPTIX™ FLEX Holographic Decal Notch Filter, 635nm, 120mm x 70mm

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Weight .057 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 3.25 × 0.25 in
Notch centre (nm)


Notch OD


Spectral bandwidth @ OD1 (nm), typical


Dimensions (mm), +/- 0.5

120 x 70

Thickness (µm), typical


SKU: 1000130 Category: Downloads: Transmission Curve | CAD Drawing


holoOPTIX™ FLEX is a holographic decal notch filter in a thin transparent form factor. It offers high optical density and out of band transmission. It is a polymer based component, which can be post-processed with a range of film processing techniques such as stamping, forming, and laser cutting, to meet your application requirements. The holoOPTIX™ Holographic Notch Filter is available in two configurations: a thin flexible film that’s ready to use, and a film with a high tenacity, optically clear adhesive backing so that the filter can be applied to a substrate of your choice – including curved surfaces.

holoOPTIX™ FLEX is ready for customization, please click here to contact us on how we can tailor holoOPTIX™ to meet your requirements.

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